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mezzmerizedbyrichard: “ So much to love here. The eyelashes are just for starters. Wellington premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, November, 2012 [x].

Daniela Denby-Ashe had not originally auditioned for the role of Margaret Hale but for that of Fanny Thornton, and was not sure she would be participating on the project, but the producers had been looking for the right Margaret for a long time and Denby-Ashe's "directness, energy and charm" as well as the chemistry she had with would-be co-star Richard Armitage proved decisive.

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"Distant lover King of Galaxy Welcome to my world of fantasy Come into my world of mystery Welcome home to me !" Lyrics excerpt from : Lian Ross's "Fantasy" Pic via Richard Armitage France (For Gretchen in Ered Luin)

Richard Armitage pin of the day! (See, there's a bit of purple collar sticking out, I can use this one!

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