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A life of spiritual transition in ISKCON. Varnasrama, ISKCON, and the GBC - video

By Anuttama dasa and Nityananda das Streamed and recorded live on Aug 2014 during the NA GBC meetings in Chicago.

Sri Rasikananda 1590 - 1652

Sri Rasikananda 1590 - 1652

Prabhupada Instructions about japa, Hare Krsna japa, effect of holy name, Prabhupada Chanting Hare Krishna Maha Manta

Japa / the individual chanting of Hare Krsna maha-mantra on beads (Photo:Srila Prabhupada chanting)

Dandavats | The ex-capital city of Italy gets a new Hare Krishna temple

By Abhirama das Almost one and a half year ago, 3 devotees living in Villaggio Hare Krishna (near Milan) moved to Turin to open a new ISKCON center. Turin is the third most important Italian city a…

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New Vrindaban’s Swan Boat Festival New Vrindaban is an unincorporated community and ISKCON (Hare Krishna) intentional community located in Marshall County near Moundsville, West Virginia.

Home - Mindfulness #Mindfulness #MindfulnessQuotes #MindfulnessforKids #MindfulnessActivities #MindfulnessMeditation

Home - Mindfulness #Mindfulness #MindfulnessQuotes #MindfulnessforKids #MindfulnessActivities #MindfulnessMeditation

64 amazing results of chanting Hare Krishna!

What will happen to you if you chant Hare Krishna?

By Vamsi Vihari DasaA Month of Love: Devotional service can be performed at any time, in any place, yet devotees know well that devotional service performed during Karttika is especially pleasing t…

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A painting of Krishna lifting

A painting of Krishna lifting