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the log scene aou - Buscar con Google

Literally could not be more attracted to Steve Rogers right now. Thank you for inviting everyone to your farm for a sleepover Clint.HAHAHAH I’M FINE, TOTALLY FINE.

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Marvel Kawaii T-Shirt- Spider-Man (Women's)

Marvel Kawaii T-Shirt - Spider-Man (they have lots of other cute/cartoony superhero t-shirts)

A more classic look with some added details. I’ve been meaning to address my Legion series and this was a good chance to knock one down.

Mon-el by Thomas Branch could be a decent Superman redesign if tweaked a bit.


I know they made it to be a joke, but I really liked that Captain America reprehended Tony for using bad language. Cap is a good role model and I love him for it. I wish they hadn& made him swear later though.don& give in to peer pressure, Steve!