30 scatti da vertigini che vi faranno mancare un battito al cuore.

Funny pictures about Death Defyingly Beautiful. Oh, and cool pics about Death Defyingly Beautiful. Also, Death Defyingly Beautiful photos.

Se sei tra quelli che quando guardano giù da un precipizio o dall’ultimo piano di un grattacielo sentono un piccolo fremito nello stomaco, allora quello che stiamo per mostrarti ti farà accapponare la pelle!

Todor Spasov during the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series on the Islet of Vila Franca do Campo in the Portuguese Azores.


The Geirangerfjord in Norway is a popular travel destination. What's the Geirangerfjord, where is the Geirangerfjord, and what does it offer Norway visitors?

Funny pictures about Building the Golden Gate Bridge. Oh, and cool pics about Building the Golden Gate Bridge. Also, Building the Golden Gate Bridge photos.

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Cliff Diving, Negril, Jamaica - One of the most beautiful Beaches in the world! And don't miss out on the Cliff Diving at Rick's Cafe! Night life is pretty awesome too!

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Tightrope WalkerReal-life daredevils don't need fake backgrounds. This is Dean Potter caught by Photographer Jeff Cunningham as he teased the Grim Reaper at Taft Point in Yosemite.

race :-)

Extreme Cycling - This seriously made my heart drop, I'm so scared of heights! These peeps are crazy.

Team goals! Discover 10 Buoni propositi collection and find your own resolution! #10buonipropositi #goodresolutions #steel #madeinitaly #bracelet

Team goals! Discover 10 Buoni propositi collection and find your own resolution! #10buonipropositi #goodresolutions #steel #madeinitaly #bracelet

Dirty Mind

Welcome to our 14 day journey in “Prayers for our Future Husbands”! We are so excited that you decided to join us for praying for your future husband. This is going to be awesome!

Nothing like breakfast with a view

To have this to wake up to and have breakfast in the morning.oh the dream. Talk about IDEAL vacation. Or life.

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oh the walks, the fresh air, the beautiful nature! And yes this is Switzerland :) Unbelievable, I want to go up to the top!

Pakistan, by Steve McCurry. Wow!!

Breakfast Tea being passed between cars on the railway between Peshawar and Lahore, Pakistan, National Geographic, June By Rail Across the Indian Subcontinent. By Steve McCurry Pakistan