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Sailor Elsa

21 Iconic Disney Heroines As Flawless Sailor Moon Characters. In the name of the Moon, we need this crossover! I used to love Sailor Moon!

Elsa if she had spring powers--she could curse Arendelle with eternal rainstorms and pollen allergies. <-lol

Name: Fiona Age: 16 Powers: Wind. Power to grow. Her flowers are poisonous sometimes. Makes people dizzy. Can grow flowers that heal people. And is up for adoption comment below

Elsa has a new pet!

This is a Pokémon/Frozen crossover. It's Queen Elsa from Frozen and Glaceon from Pokémon!

Ohhhhh nice drawing

Gorgeous fanart of Elsa leaning the extent of her powers. Great job to whoever did this!


in one of those magical Disney moments that gives you chills. Bc she's an ice queen.

Best Disney movie in AGES!!!!!   Excellent lesson as well!

Elsa, The Snow Queen. Lol tonight Lexi is running around singing let it go, wearing her Elsa dress, and being queen. Her brothers are playing along and all of them are making some very interesting noises lol