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Scoperta dimora arcaica che rivoluziona la mappa di Roma antica (FOTO)

The outline of a house dating to the sixth century BC was found beneath the Palazzo Canevari on the Quirinal Hill

Mussolini's headstone near the source of Tiber, Roma

Benito Mussolini placed an antique marble Roman column at the point where the river arises, inscribed QUI NASCE IL FIUME SACRO AI DESTINI DI ROMA ("Here is born the river / sacred to the destinies of Rome") The Tiber is Rome's water supply.

Via Condotti, Campo Marzio, Rome, Italy.  Photo: Sigfrid Lopez via Flickr.

Via Condotti, Campo Marzio, Rome, Italy province of Rome Lazio

Dormice, ostrich meat and fresh fish: the surprising foods eaten in ancient Rome

March 2015 - Dormice, Ostrich Meat and Fresh Fish: The Surprising Foods Eaten in Ancient Rome. Did the Romans eat more than bread, olive oil, and grapes while hitting up those toga parties?

ancient Roman Harbour, Ostia Antica, Rome, province of Rome Lazio

Greco-Roman ancient Roman Harbour, Ostia Antica, Rome, province of Rome Lazio

Pompeii by night (via Ancient Rome)

Pompeii at Night (.one of my few regrets in spending 5 months in Europe was missing Pompeii, but.'there's always tomorrow!" Though that bucket list keeps getting longer and I would put New Zealand before Pompeii I think!

The Vespasianus Titus Tunnel is a 2,000-year-old engineering marvel – a massive tunnel dug through a mountain that was built to divert the floodwaters threatening the harbour near the ancient city of Seleuceia Pieria in what is now Turkey.  According to UNESCO, it is one of the most magnificent remains of the Roman period because of its size, well-preserved authenticity, and architectural and engineering features.

The Vespasianus Titus Tunnel is a engineering marvel – a massive…

Parmigiano cheese Parme Italy

Parmigiano, Parma , province of Parma, Emilia Romagna region Italy, my favorite cheese!