Couple manga | via Tumblr this looks justttt like kiriya but she looks very little like karin. This bugs me

Hush and listen to this one, is my favorite. ~Yuki show Trine the music he listens to.

This is a typical high school name Phoenix Drop High AKA PDH #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad

Gene x Reader

Are they from a specific anime/manga? - YumiKuri <<< Shingeki No Kyojin Historia Reiss x Ymir

Hibi Chouchou ^~^ I wanna know where he is What he does Is he laughing? Oh gosh  I wanna see him

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Anime guy

Marinette is half French and half Chinese. She has bluebell eyes and medium-length black hair with blue reflections that she usually wears back in two pigtails with red hair ties.