Ford Mustang Design Sketch by Kemal Curic

An exclusive interview with Kemal Curić, designer of the latest Ford Mustang generation, who gives some insights on the development of the iconic muscle car.

The Drawings and Designs that Gave Birth to the Latest Ford Mustang – Feature – Car and Driver

These sketches and renderings show different ideas that Ford designers noodled as they developed the 2015 Ford Mustang. One of them even incorporated a gated shifter!

Intelligent design from Lee Iaccoca. (Ford-Mustang-Design-Evolution-Sketches-by-Kemal-Curic)

Ford Mustang Design Sketch by Kemal Curic

This is just one of the spectacular sketches done by the 2015 Mustang designer Kemal Curic. I must say, the new 2015 Mustang looks even better in these cool

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Shelby mostra versão mais barata do Mustang, a GTE