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There is a vibrational currency that buys things that money cant buy ~ Far more things than money can buy ~ That vibrational currency will transform itself into any means that is important to you ⊰❁⊱ Abraham Hicks

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The FUN is in the molding of energies. It's in the dreaming of what could be. It's in the tuning yourself into the alignment of your dreams.

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The PhD of Deliberate Creation lies in how willing you are to get off on the RIGHT FOOT every day.

Ease is the name of the creative process!

Esther Hicks (née Weaver, born March is an American inspirational speaker and author. She has co-written nine books with her husband Jerry Hicks, presented numerous workshops on the law of attraction with Abraham Hicks Publications.

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I like knowing that whatever I am willing to allow, the universe will yield to me. I like knowing that whatever I am wiling to allow, the Universe will yield to me.

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