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10 signs that you are truly happy..

Happiness Infographic: 10 Signs That You Are Truly Happy - Want to know if you are really happy? Check out these 10 signs that happy people share.

C H I L L ~*~*~*~*

If you're in a negative place, don't think, don't speak, don't call anyone. Don't build the the thought ways. If you're in a negative place, you have one thing to do--CHILL!

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Sad state of affairs when friends lie to your face and yet blame you for their troubles.

We feel angry and embarrassed when we are sucked in by someone who lies and manipulates. We resent the time, energy and love we offered them in good faith because it was all for nothing. They don& even appreciate what they took from us because it is.

Be who you really are

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Align your focus with the solution and not the problem. Abraham Hicks

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Instead of focusing on the problem(s), focus on all the miracles, blessings and abundance already in your life.

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