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Street Portrait Kings Road June 1984 Photo by Derek Ridgers

[B/w photo of a person wearing elaborately layered ragged clothes, extravagant makeup, and a mohawk] k-a-t-i-e-: “ Kings Road June, 1984 Derek Ridgers ”

vintage everyday: 39 Photographs Capture the Strangeness of London Nightlife From Between the 1970s and 1990s

Punks, Goths, Disco Queens, Rockers and Ravers: Portraits of U.

Derek Ridgers' London Youth, Theresa, Blitz, 1979

my-retro-vintage: “Derek Ridgers London Youth, Theresa, Blitz 1979 ”


78-87 London Youth - Derek Ridgers

Derek Ridgers - Поиск в Google

Today my daily thank-you card goes to: Derek Ridgers ! Thanks to this quiet observer and british photographer who with the beginning o.

derek ridgers photography - Google Search This dude is scary

derek ridgers photography - Google Search This dude is scary

Smiler, 1984

Derek Ridgers spent five years photographing skinheads in Britain between 1979 and documenting the controversial youth cult of the early Thatcher years. Here are some of the striking images from his new book Skinheads


Perché i redskins dicono che i punk si spaccano Ammerda ?

Le foto di Derek Ridgers vi catapulteranno nella Londra del 1982

vintage everyday: 70 Candid and Amazing Photographs That Capture London’s Youth Culture from the Height of Punk

Punk, mod, skinhead, biker e new romantics della Londra anni Ottanta documentati in questo splendido libro.