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Quick History: Francois-Xavier Lalanne's Menagerie — Retrospect

Francois-Xavier Lalanne, La mouche (The Fly), 1966

I love this!!

I love this!!

The Toilet That Transforms Into an Urinal

Here’s an innovative toilet system that turns into a urinal with just a press of a button. You read it correct, designed by Young Sang Eun, it’s the Ultimate Clean Toilet that can be changed into a toilet and a urinal whenever required.

Image result for the proper way to sit on a toilet

Image result for the proper way to sit on a toilet

A Chinese firm has come up with the perfect solution for pet-loving families who don't have the space to keep animals: the fish tank toilet.

Fish tank toilet 'will cut water use'

Aquarium toilets to go with the aquarium bedroom

His designs are propelling him to the top of the design world. And in his London abode — as in his acclaimed exhibitions — there’s always a good place to sit.

Max Lamb’s ‘Simple, Honest’ Furniture — and Home

A toilet in a marble and resin composite Lamb developed called Marmoreal.

Blue Mexican Porcelain God           ᘡղbᘠ

Mexican toilets: hand painted toilet - can you say "what a beautiful toilet?

Pissing the night away................................. I get knocked down.

Outhouse with toilet inside, old black white photo

Приятного чаепития! Часть 1: удивительные керамические чайники - Ярмарка Мастеров - ручная работа, handmade

Toilet Teapot Creative and Unusual Teapots Designs