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10 Breathtaking Places You Have To Visit One Day. A collection of beautiful destinations that are on my Bucket List to visit, with gorgeous photography just to make them seem even more irresistible

10 Breathtaking Places You Have To Visit One Day!

The Great Wall of China

The Badaling Section of the Great Wall of China. Barry and I stood on the Great Wall of China awesome place.

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Great wall of China. My eyes will never forget this site. As a child I thought it was the most wonderful place to sit and dream. China you will for ever have a place in my heart! for your travel bucket list

Red Beach in Panjim, China - La Playa roja de panjin es un lugar ubicado en las marismas del delta del río Liao en Panjin (China). Esta reserva natural es un hábitat clave para las aves

Top Five Reasons to Visit China

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20 Sights That Will Remind You How Incredible Earth Is (Part 2)

I can't wait to visit.Great Wall of China - 20 sights that will remind you how incredible Earth is (Part

The Terracotta Army, XI`an, China

The Terracotta Army, XI`an, China/ Every face is different, and there are over soldiers, 130 chariots with 520 horses and 150 cavalry horses. These date back to the late third century B. to protect the emperor in the afterlife.

Forbidden City, Beijing, China (by liquidkingdom on Flickr)

- China - DONE - Forbidden Palace. Beijing China, the stones are worn from centuries of people. Being at this site was amazing, to view this whole area will forever be with me.

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