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flyingantday:  Indigo Shibori Juban.

Man’s juban Silk Shibori This shibori technique is referred to as mino shibori because the lines that radiate from the neck resemble the straw raincoats, or mino, worn in traditional Japan. via Daily Japanese Textile

Огромная подборка от Галочки – 140 поражающих воображение КИМОНО! Раритетные и современные, вышивка и роспись, аппликация и прозрачные кимоно-пеньюары – это настоящие произведения искусства.

Japanese kimono “Mugi-en” Kimono created and named by Love Sayo . Winner of NHK Kyotohosokyoku length Prize at the Annual Meeting of the Japanese textile artist Exhibition award.


Kimono Japan Silk crepe (chirimen) with tie-dyeing (shibori) and embroidery Width 129 cm x Length 158 cm Museum number: The striking pattern of this kimono reveals the dynamism of Japanese textile design in the early century.

kimono rouge http://www.laciteinterdite.com/kimono-japonais-rouge-pour-femme-c2x16429984

kimono rouge http://www.laciteinterdite.com/kimono-japonais-rouge-pour-femme-c2x16429984

Traditional Japanese Kimono- I'm taking a fashion design course and I'm studying things as traditional items in Japan to apply it during lessons

If you had been in touch with reality all along, you would never have been disappointed. But you chose to paint people in glowing colors; you chose not to see through human beings because you chose not to see through yourself. So you’re paying the price now. --Anthony de Mello, Awareness: The Perils and Opportunities of Reality

Yuzen kimono by IKOMA Teruo, Japan, background half turquoise, the other white with white sheaves of wheat