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Trailside Galleries-The Storytellers: Artists of the American West Invitation

*Bail Joseph; early morning conversation*

Cross Stitch patterns and kits, Early Morning Conversation, Claude Joseph Bail

"Knitting (By the Window)", c. 1915, by Harold Knight (English, 1874-1961)

Harold Knight (English artist, Knitting 1915 Félix Edouard Vallotton (Swiss artist, The Sewer Felix Edourar.

女红 de Wang Mei Fang ou Zhao Guojing? (chine)

About Art - Talent works, genius creates. : Wang Mei Fang and Zhao Guo Jing - A collection of modern Chinese paintings of women

Feathered Friends by Joseph Caraud (French 1821-1905)

Joseph Caraud (French, 1821 - The Pet Cockatoo Private collection Dates: 1867 Artist age: Approximately 46 years old. Feathered Friends The Pet Canaries Private collection Dates: 1875 Artist age: Approximately 54 years old.

william kay blacklock - Buscar con Google

✿Needlework Near The Window✿ "Woman sewing by the window" ~ William Kay Blacklock (English,

by Gustave-Leonard de Jonghe (Belgian 1829-1893)

Joseph Caraud Idle Hours painting, oil on canvas & frame; Joseph Caraud Idle Hours is shipped worldwide, 60 days money back guarantee.