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I initially doubted the authenticity of this quote but I looked it up and records show that Einstein truly did say this. The fact that someone who is essentially the emblem of intelligence said that fairy tales are a source of intelligence furthers the idea that fantasy and imagination shouldn't be looked down upon as a waste of time for children. What are your thoughts on children being read fairy tales?

If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales - Albert Einstein. "Into the Book World" - illustration by "moffs"

Setting Boundaries is Essential to your Empowerment

cydoniasan: “ She Reads, Brian Kershisnik, American, 1962 ”

Inkognito: Reading Woman

In summer. we still love with reading / En verano,,, seguimos enamoradas de la…

Reading and Art: Torajiro Kojima (1881-1929)

Woman Reading (oil on canvas), Torajiro Kojima / Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Ghent, Belgium

Francis John Wyburd - Portrait of a Girl in Green reading

Portrait of a girl in green reading. Francis John Wyburd (British, Wyburd exhibited genre, literary and historical paintings at the Royal Academy, the Royal Institute, and at the Society of British Artists. This is a typical example of.