This is from Yandere Simulator, I think Ayano saw a new student, got jealous, yadada, fight them, and then they both die.

Nemesis Contest Results

I really hope she'll be the hunter in Yandere Simulator Mission Mode.

I wanted to draw Yandere-chan in her genderbent form, and I like it! I really wish Yandere dev could also put the genderbent version in there too ; there needs to have more awesome yandere guys.

I'm a social butterfly... yay (*o*)/ socialover<3 how are you? -social butterfly (*0*)/ -evil (°7°)" -Coward (°^°)" -Loner (-w-) -hero ('7')/ -teacher pet ('v') -Osana<3&n...

the news modes are so powerful (*-*) but the nurse and osana-chan are&nbsp;invincibles (u-u)" someday. characters by yandere simulator

Kuudere the Hitman(girl) by AlyssaWalfas40

Kuudere would make a great Yandere, don't cha think?swf belongs to KirbyM Yandere Simulator belongs to Yandere Dev Kuudere the Hitman(girl) My OC —————————————————— art by May-Shad art by roscoxteto4e...

Yandere Comic - La La La cake for senpai by DancerQuartz

I ship all of them except for the second last one

Um I ship yandere and senpia cuz I RATHER NOT HER"BAKA" all the time! And I ship budo x oka DONT JUGDE ! i think they're cute and I'm still on eh for the last one and midouri with the flame demon

Really no one has ever found that Ayano never called Nemesis's name?

Really no one has ever found that Ayano never called Nemesis& name?