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The breach

nipuni: The breach forcing myself to practice landscapes lately ; also a bonus Keep reading

#dragonage, #ithink....idk what this is but it's great

Just meme it!

Dorian is the best of best friends let's be real. I mean, Sera and Cassandra are IMPORTANT too, but DORIAN. And once she starts the romance with Cullen, Dorian teases her about it, which is the best thing ever.

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Aaaa my husband bought me Inquisition for Christmas I can't wait to play it! I think he was getting sick of me replaying Origins.

Poor Master Dennet... he was recruited to be a horsemaster, and it did not stay that long.

madamebadger: “You know, I always feel a little sorry for Master Dennet. The Inquisitor is like, hey, I need a horse expert! Here is a horse expert! And he comes along to be your horse expert.

Mass Effect Normandy Silk Poster

Mass Effect is a Game and a universe that is endless. From the game Mass Effect and 3 your a from the human race found your way to the citadel the Capital of all the alien races are together wher

Cullen x Inquisitor - Trespasser DLC inspired

Cullen x Inquisitor - Trespasser DLC inspired ((I'd argue this is either Rila and company or Rah and company.