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Public Service Announcements - Social Issue "Ignore us, Ignore human rights"

UNICEF: Bu fotoğrafın başka anlamlar içermediği bir dünya için çalışıyoruz.

Unicef: We work for a world where this picture doesn’t have another meaning. 20 Examples of Devastatingly Powerful Social Advertising From 2016

2010 Amnesty International

Below is a collection of remarkable designs of domestic violence advertisement. Let's act together to stop domestic violence.


Creative War Child Advertisement: It is easy to convince children that killing is a game

Leo Burnett Thailand has created two powerful ads for the Center for the Protection of Children’s Rights Foundation (CPCR) in Bangkok. The ads…

Leo Burnett Thailand has created two powerful ads for the Center for the Protection of Children’s Rights Foundation (CPCR) in Bangkok.


In this post we will showcase 30 creative advertisement posters design to boost your advertising ideas and inspiration. If you like this advertising poster design

臉 書 | MyDesy 淘靈感

"Become Someone Else", a genius ad campaign for Mint Vinetu bookstore by Lithuanian advertising firm Love Agency **Great photography ideas for Jaylen!

Stop Domestic Violence | Buzznet

Stop Domestic Violence

this is when you beat the snot out of the person who hurt you & if you can't your friends do it--then put the scum in jail so he can get a new girlfriend

This anti-smoking ad shows, in a way, how smoking can affect the smoker's lungs. It encourages smokers to quit in order to avoid getting lung cancer and dying.

If you drink and drive...

If you drink and drive...

Funny pictures about If you drink and drive. Oh, and cool pics about If you drink and drive. Also, If you drink and drive.

Drink and Drive by Pepey

This ad, fighting against drunk driving, shows how the road looks different to people who drive while drunk. The road has many loops and curves, which essentially shows how the drunk driver would view the road and drive toward destruction.

25 Serious Messages In Ads | From up North

Serious advertising

World Food Day, Unicef Switzerland Ad i like how that've made a hand out of the fork. simple yet meaningful ad


"Stop the Abuse," Animal Anti-Cruelty League (Advertising Agency: Lowe Bull, Cape Town, South Africa)

Global warming, gettin' preachy but pretty.

Global Warming Hour Glass: “We are running out of time; act now before it’s too late.

Cherish your and others' life~

Reprehensible demonizing of an industry implying they murder children. Tax dollars wasted scaring stupid people who took up smoking knowing it kills. Pay for homeless medical treatments with this ad money and save far more lives. Buy tents or something.