Actually, Lilly wouldn't be a bender, she would be a non bender. I cant see her as anything else.

anipokie: “ So, this is a late, actually, very late birthday drawing for Viria. :) I decided it would be cool to draw all her favorite HP characters as benders due to Avatar hype going on lately on.

HP+Avatar: Airbender= epiclly epic I just don't like how they made aang like peter.. that's a no no

My art atla Sirius Black james potter remus lupin marauders peter pettigrew the last airbender Potter-Avatar crossover

Hermione, Ginny and Luna Harry Potter

Change Your Hairstyle Online Women

Eve: wearing a pair of black pants, with a dark olive shirt and has a pixie cut with dark olive tips. An olive lab coat, over a button down shirt with an olive green skirt. A dark olive dress with bronze embroidery and a bronze leather jacket over it.

we couldn’t resist imagining the ways in which the signature traits of each Hogwarts house would play into how they express their feminism. by Taryn Knight

Tags: Anime, Harry Potter, Severus Snape, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin<<< okay it's James Potter you dumb fuck Lily Evans is in there too as well as Petter Pettigrew trailing behind them.