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More and More Pin: Humor

More and More Pin: Humor


BurnThis: Photo by Casey Yuhouse

the epitome of every halloween during my childhood

trading candy (truth) This was my sister and I EVERY Halloween.and sometimes Easter too.

'90s kids forever! These are all so true & freakin awesome. I MISS EVERYTHING!

50 Pictures That Look Just Like Your Childhood

50 Pictures That Will Take You Right Back To Your Childhood. I love cosmic brownies!

jim rohn quotes

Awesome Jim Rohn Quotes

jim rohn quotes

making "daisy chains" with weeds in the summer time. Mom taught me. :)

I made a lot of these They grew in abundance since no one sprayed the yards to kill the clover and dandelions They were flowers off of clover grass and you tied them together to make necklaces and bracelets


“Humans have a tendency to blame God for things they are responsible for.


Step outside your comfort zone and start living


Sad but true for most people. So glad I'm surrounded by so many strong, confident women that I don't often think if this.(everybody loves you untill you become competition)

True Love

True Love has a habit of coming back.this obviously means Jared will be coming back so no need to fear.