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Awws look at poor Sonic... and Knuckles is over here probably thinking "this is so sad"

i created this scene last week. actually i draw some random scenes or random ideas to do no forget them later. Silver was stopping a NUKE . while Sonic and Shadow were dispercing it inside of.


In my comic Sonic will be the leader of freedom fightes yeah! also I WILL MAKE A PROTECTIVE BARRIER about Sonally and Sonamy.i mean Sally and Amy can get inlove but Sonic wont show a.

Miren el trabajo de este asombroso artista japones, el es el que hace todos estos cómics de Classic sonic! http://twitpic.com/photos/C_hir0

awww classic sonic loves Shadow:D


Aww do t cry baby 😢

Turns out Coke can harm you mentally as well as physically. Poor Shadow!

XD Shadow The Hedgehog

Swimming Lessons by glitcher.deviantart.com on @deviantART | This...this brings me joy.

Swimming Lessons by glitcher on DeviantArt

((Did he just- OH MY GOD HE LOST AT RING. This game is terrible but this is beautiful!! XD ))

XD if you hit him he losses a ring! I like that touch, its funny.

"What the hell am I supose to do with these damn things?"   !BoomShadow! 3/7 

I'll take half shadow to help ya out.

I had more trouble trying to choose a title than drawing sonic I give up I guess it's just an excuse to draw how I think his "neck" looks fine and draw him wet jk love these colors a lot <3333

((Open rp be Shadow)) sonic and shadow watched the movie tired they had been up since 5 in the morning watching tv and and eating food "what do you want to do next?" Sonic asked yawning as the movie finished

sontail by Syesye996 on deviantART

Brothers stick for life