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Patterns http://www.fairymonnalisadolls.com/p/patterns_20.html

Patterns http://www.fairymonnalisadolls.com/p/patterns_20.html

MVCriticas: very cute dolls

Did you know? Crying is a very healthy thing to do. It relieves stress, eases pain & cleanses your eyes. So never be afraid to cry.

The cutest little doll ♥

Jeni Bunny Lati Yellow doll Benny Small dolls in winter attire AND with a stuffed toy?

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All in family of Asian dolls: (Blythe) DAL PULLIP TAYENG (male taller) ISUL (male little brother of Pullip) - DAL is smaller than ISUL.

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"by turbow" es una muñeca! I did not know that art, in my country México, is not known