Frenchi by Osokaro  This is my last work for the animation studio Kandor Graphics Granada. Frenchi is the companion of Gebri acenturas, mime Mascot Master 3D Character Animation UGR-Kandor Graphics.

OSOKARO -- character design & rendering that is ready for but the face and body proportions, and rendering, still look they would make a beautiful game


Kristen Stewart- See? She can actually do things with her face. What I want to understand is how she ends up looking so clay faced in her movies. Editor conspiracy to make her look like a drone?


Karoline Pietrowski: “ A self-portrait for my new printed portfolio. ” Uses copic sketch markers, watercolros & digital design.

Laika PARANORMAN★ Find more at

Laika's ParaNorman did not get enough love. Norman is the most likable boy and the surrounding characters are perfectly silly.

ZBattle | ZBrush community

Am I an animated CHARACTER now?How do I keep finding characters that look like me?

Created by one of the greatest young artists on Insta! @itslopez

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