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Rumple and Belle's children.  Okay, the fact that Emilie has clearly thought about this, and Robert's face...and then Michael's comment! Ugh, perfect cast

Emilie is the biggest Rumbelle shipper. Question: What would a Rumbelle child be like?

Season 6 Episode 3 she's staring at him like "he's a gr8 dad"

Killian, Alex, Ashley and Emma - "The Other Shoe" / Devilishly handsome Colin O'Donoghue AKA Killian Jones (Captain Hook from Once upon a time)

Parenting Level - Emma + Henry - Once Upon a Time. <3

Just OUAT things: Emma head-desking when Henry brings out the book.

you wouldn't understand unless you watch once upon a time   #OUAT

Oh my God, obviously I wouldn't have that many kids, but it's a definite possibility that I would name my kids after OUAT characters

Kinuko Y. Craft in Fairy Tale Art: Sleeping Beauty

Kinuko Y. Craft is perhaps the most famous of all the illustrators featured in Fairy Tale Art: Illustrations from Children's Books.

Rumpelstiltskin & his son Bae  -  Once Upon A Time  -  ABC  -  2012

Rumpelstiltskin & his son Bae - Once Upon A Time - ABC - 2012 omg baelfire was so attractive. just sayin

Beauty & the Beast #Books

with a dreamy far off look and her nose stuck in a book. beauty and the beast quote. digital file Love Beauty and the Beast :D

Rumplestilskin, Dr Whale and Jeffery on the set of Once Upon A Time. #OUAT

Once Upon a Time - Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle), Dr Whale (David Anders) and Jefferson/The Mad Hatter (Sebastian Stan).