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DIY Knife making tutorial for a survival situation. | http://pioneersettler.com/how-to-make-a-knife-survival/

How to Make a Knife in a Survival Situation

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How To Make Rope Using the Yucca Plant

How to Make Pine Pitch Glue | Sensible Survival

Pine pitch glue is the Super Glue of wilderness survival. It can be used to help secure arrowheads, spear points, or knife blades, it can be used to water-proof the inside of a basket, it can be us…

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How to Make a Primitive Burn Bowl

How to Make a Quickie Bow from a Sapling

How to Make a Quickie Survival Bow from a Sapling

Survival Bow Making Instructions How to Make a Quickie Bow from a Sapling - make a wooden bow for wilderness survival

We all love our knives. Each of us owns several of them for various purposes and they’re the most indispensable tools that we carry. So the idea of making blades from stone may seem primitive and even backward. But what happens if you get caught without a knife? Or you need to do some butchering work and want to keep clean the only knife you have on you? Sharp stone blades can fill in for your favorite knife, and the best part is that they are easy to make.

Survival Skills: How to Make Sharp Stone Tools—Easily! (even if you have a knife - sometimes it is good to use knap stones to keep your knife in good condition