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The club scene makes me very anxious, but once I've had a couple drinks and loosen up a bit, I pretty much take over the dance floor~

Cancer.. yepp its true..;P

Cancer Zodiac Sign ♋ keep their guard up, give a little bit about themselves to at a time, until they can fully trust you.

zodiacmind:  Fun facts about your sign here

zodiacmind: Fun facts about your sign here as a cancer your intuition often keeps you out of trouble

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My crush(who is also cancer) shared food with me and wouldn't with anyone else so I shared food with him

Cancer facts

Because we are very intuitive and observant and sometimes, you are sneaky and devious! Cancerians don't trust you just because we are nice to you. It takes a LONG time to gain our trust and we have methods we use to make sure you can be trusted.


Cancer Zodiac Sign during an argument they are good at ending it, either with their kindness or their surprising aggression.