USPA Supernatural

USPA Supernatural Designed by Container Description from Designers : “For USPA’s Supernatural hair care range the package design needed to express their

Number 4 - Clarifying ShampooLove it love it love it! Use it 1x/wk only. I have fine hair, and pretty thin hair. I have noticed a huge difference in my hair since starting use of this shampoo. The way it came about me trying this shampoo is that it came in my Birchbox a few months ago.

- very cool soap pump position rotation -- this is better suited to how we actually use them.

Better half ale, i love the name for a wedding reception @Vanessa Samurio Sena don't you think?                               Thanks Sara for showing me This I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

G(love) Exhibit Materials and Better Half Ale Package designed by KeenanCummings


Uspa supernatural men, clean bold graphics, the position of the top gives it an interesting stance.


Studio Spotlight: Container