Hannah (Sherlock) on

Hannah (Sherlock) on

We could insert Mycroft as the Queen in there somewhere...

Sherlock Fandom < No rush. we are the Sherlock fandom, hear us ROAR>>> you just insulted king jim!

Benedict Cumberbatch is truly the man for the job. Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock falling is my new favorite form of fan insanity. Its just as good as David Tennant in places he shouldnt be!<<< David Tennant in places he shouldn't be is nice.


A wave from Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch." Martin is SUPER sassy, and Ben is so genuinely happy to wave to his fans.

Hehe, if Sherlock or John had a daughter. What if Mary's baby is a girl?! Then it'd probably all be the same, with Uncle Sherlock taking care of little miss Watson.

SHERLOCK (BBC) ~ Imagining Sherlock as the father of a teenage daughter. imagining John as the father of a teenage daughter. and, best of all, imagining Uncle Mycroft.

I want Sherlock's Snapchats.

Lestrade: Alright, we're done. Get th--- Sherlock: Wait! Lestrade: (facepalms) Not this again. Sherlock: (whips out phone + sunglasses) First, let me take a selfie!

@Jenny Pabst I feel like this is totally you right now! hahaha

I fucking DIED! Somebody help, I can't breathe. I don't think I should have laughed as hard as I did. Kinda still laughing too. :D (if you don't get it, the name is Benedict Cmberbatch, an actor.

Benedict Cumberbatch | Martin Freeman | Sherlock | Smaug

Funny pictures about Eat a Snickers Sherlock. Oh, and cool pics about Eat a Snickers Sherlock. Also, Eat a Snickers Sherlock.

ADVENTURING!!! Haha. And John's face is the look I get from most people when I declare the floor to be lava...

HAHA :D This is what happens every time! Sherlock just gets up, walks on a random peice of furniture and leaves like its no big deal. OH GOD I MISS HIM! *SOBS LOUDLY <-- This comment.