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love words + pictures together

I am going to start doing these "smash books" instead of scrapbook pages!

Flower covered in clear packing tape to preserve it...Dear Lizzy: a SMASHing good time

Flower covered in clear packing tape to preserve it.Dear Lizzy: a SMASHing good time


Almost everything is a pocket with pull out journaling and the top right is basically a flipbook with some "pages" flipping out to the side and some flipping upward like an accordion with an identity crisis.

I am Word Collage Notebook

How to Start a Smash Book

A smash book is a new trendy way to do your memory keeping. A simple DIY craft idea. I'm using an old vintage book as the start of my smash book.

This is so cute, but I don't know if I will have the patience or time to be so detailed with a journal of thoughts and ideas...but I'll give it a shot(:

Mostly journalling thoughts on smashbook lately. scrapbook projectlife smash-book smash_book by blinksoflife - instaview.