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Link with the ocean-turn-forest prompt or the one with the adventurer.


Zangramarsh (from WoW) gorgeous mushroom dwellings as inspiration.

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I do love the rock signs and the color of the leaves are perfect. But to show the unorganized placement of the trees like you did makes this piece perfect!

beautiful paintings | Description: Beautiful Art and fantasy where two travelers are ...

Mystical and magical fantasy landscape path. This is the kind of fantasy art I love to see about the studio ;

Christophe Vacher

Vacher is a french artist who has provided Backgrounds, Visual Development and Art Direction for Disney, Dreamworks, Universal Studios and the animation industry since


Legend of Zelda, the hero of time. Another piece in my apparently never ending Zelda fan art series. I really enjoy drawing Zelda fan art. Legend of Zelda: Hero of time