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I drew this☺️

I drew this☺️

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Johnny Depp describing when Robert Downey Jr. came to dinner and Johnny's son, Jack, was in awe of Iron Man! THAT IS AWESOME!

you don't say!

Funny pictures about Johnny Depp's sudden realization. Oh, and cool pics about Johnny Depp's sudden realization. Also, Johnny Depp's sudden realization.

Pro 2nd Amendment

johnny johnny johnny johnny depp johnny depp Loved him since 21 Jump street started.

That's adorable. Little kids crack me up!

Johnny Depp says: "My daughter was asked by a little old lady in a London hotel restaurant what her daddy did - she answered. "He's a pirate" -I was very proud of that answer." I love the way that Johnny Depp treats his children. He's very sweet to them!

Funny pictures about Johnny Depp on Sleepy Hollow set. Oh, and cool pics about Johnny Depp on Sleepy Hollow set. Also, Johnny Depp on Sleepy Hollow set.

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Johnny Depp - not just a pretty face people. Love his chill down to earth persona


Pirates of the Caribbean, 2003 to 2016 (yes a new movie) "Captain Jack Sparrow" - Johnny Depp; i cant wait!

Johnny Depp ~ Young pretty  ***cg

, Johnny Depp is a true character and can pull off any principle given the opportunity. You need a little man to run around with a clock frustrated at the time like he's just had his coffee break? Teenage Johnny Depp is your go to guy.