Le style Nineties de Johnny Depp avec Winona Ryder, t-shirt blanc

Le style Nineties de Johnny Depp

Pin for Later: Retour Sur la Fois où Ces Couples de Célébrités Se Sont Affichés en Public Pour la Première Fois Winona Ryder et Johnny Depp en 1990

Winona Ryder et Johnny Depp en 1990

90's Idol

Nostalgic for Winona Ryder after watching "Stranger Things"? The quintessential style icon is a top saved celeb for style inspiration this fall.

Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder in the 90s Johnny's Jacket is like a time warp, but he looks hot.

The beautiful Winona Ryder & gorgeous Johnny Depp, at the Cry Baby Premiere,

Winona Ryder 90s

"Before there was Zooey D's brand of 'quirky,' there was Winona Ryder, who leaned a little more towards strange and dangerous than cute and silly." ModWriter Cindy takes us back to highlight her longtime muse and the ultimate It Girl: Winona.



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