Percabeth (a run to the beach by ah-nada on DeviantArt)<<<< This looks like the scene at the end of the Last Olympian

ah-nada: a run to the beach. “you better run kelp face!” ok, this is stupid< AWWWWW

mansi: i was nostalgic | art by cherryandsisters

Percabeth, younger and older. I noticed how in the first picture they aren't looking directly at each other, but in the second they are. I think that sums up their relationship pretty well. Art by cherryandsisters.

canary-chan percy jackson - Google Search

Percy was reluctant to share his one clear memory: Annabeth’s face,her blond hair and gray eyes,the way she laughed,threw her arms around him,and gave him a kiss whenever he did something stupid&rdquo;

Percabeth. It's cute how when you love someone or get to know them, in your eyes they become even more beautiful and special. Even if they haven't changed at all.

They're so cute:) but I hate it when people combine their names, it's so irritating!

If Percy and Annabeth have a child...? by Luciand29<----I blame Percy's side of the family

If Percy and Annabeth have a child. by blame Percy's side of the family<<<<< yeah blame Percy. But the doctors are so confused and then Percy and Annabeth roll with it and the expressions XD