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I can't remember what not tired feels like. Sometimes the extreme exhaustion of my RA, and fibromyalgia is much harder to deal with than the pain.

You don't know me.

Free and Funny Cry For Help Ecard: screw you recommended serving size.


Free and Funny Confession Ecard: People should really stop expecting normal from me. We all know it will never happen!

[click on this image to find a short clip and analysis of Bourdieu's theory of taste, in which he argues that "good taste" is simply a reflection of the taste of the ruling class, demarcated by ruling class signifiers]

This is my freaking life story! Champagne taste on a beer budget.

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I'm 'it's 8:30 and you want to start a movie this late?' years old.

Because my Husband knows I will fall asleep before the movie gets through the opening credits.wait, that happens no matter what time the movie starts- Annnnd that's the reason why we don't go to movie theatres.

Bless me with patience...the actual patience...

Bless me with patience. Not opportunities to be patient, I've had plenty of those and they don't seem to be working. The actual patience. Adams Adams O Yes please the actual patience!