Seth x HTJ - Tahiti - Ono'u fest (photo credit by Marc Emmanuel Louvat)

Street Art by Seth Globepainter & HTJ somewhere in Tahiti, part of the Ono’u fest (photo credit by Marc Emmanuel Louvat)

Seth Globepainter - "Tales from the countryside" (part 7) - "Plum Blossom", Fengzing, China, April 2015 (

Artist Seth Globepainter, "Tales from the Countryside" (part "Plum Blossom", Fengzing, China, April

PEJAC * Spanish * street artist *

Arte callejero - This artwork expresses creativity and hope behind a wall, we can find it. This is a great artwork I wish for people to see.

Seth - street art - Paris 5 - rue st jacques

Street art to be found at: Paris 5 - Rue St Jacques, Paris, France

Fun inspiration for canvas. Klaus Klinger Germany. Vika

"Economic Miracle Mural" in Düsseldorf, Germany ~ designed by Klaus Klinger and Kübra Sirinyurt. The mural was painted in 2007 with local residents.