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Glock Revolver .45 acp

Glock's new revolver Put a suppressor on it and attach a laser sight to the trigger guard perfect, shoot at the little dot. with careful shot placement good for small game and also good for medium sized predators.

Russian snubnose revolver chambered for silent, flashless, ammo. Laser included

TIL Russia developed a snubnose revolver chambered for silent, flashless, ammo--laser included. MIC

This uses ammunition with a captive piston to fire projectiles. It fires from the bottom cylinder and what looks like the barrel along the top of the frame is actually an integrated laser.

Smith & Wesson Model 686

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Modified S&W 500 3124 Polys Approx 8 hours work The title is spelled wrong but stupid deviantart doesn't allow &'s Modified SW 500


The Stg Rifle was a fast rifle and had wide range, the SS was with the rifle very familiar. The see how like the Stg

Q hermosos juegos de pistolas. Como quisiera comprarlas

Confederate Revolver Le Mat The LeMat revolver was a or caliber cap & ball black powder revolver invented by Dr. Jean Alexandre LeMat of New Orleans

ヒトラーの夜間警護専用、銃身下にフラッシュライトを搭載したルガー・P08 - DNA

Hitler Guard "Night Pistol" Luger with Touch Activated Flashlight