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Yoshitoshi Kanemaki | The Dancing Rest https://thedancingrest.com/2016/11/18/yoshitoshi-kanemaki/

Yoshitoshi Kanemaki is accustomed to abnormal figurative sculptors, seeing as how wonderful some of his latest creations are. The Japanese sculptor produces

Art Installations architecture | Technicolor Bloom by Brennan Buck - popavenue - Happy French Pop Blog

Brennan Buck and his team Twisted Design Tunnels_'Technicolor Bloom' is a collection of intricately cut pieces of poplar plywood bound together with cable binders. Each piece is painted white on one side and either magenta, yellow or blue on the other.


Hi, This is My Corner

Modern art made twee. Untitled illustration by Connor Clark Latexballoon/Air/Museum, exhibition: Hans Hemmert, Centro Galego de Arte Contemporanea CGAC, Santiago de Compostella

desnaturda.jpg (380×533)

amazing sculptural installations from Brazilian artist, Henrique Oliveira. The pieces encompass wood, hardware and paint techniques to create these astounding installations.

Architectural spaces from living trees by Patrick Dougherty. So earthy and magical :)

Architectural Spaces from Living Trees