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The iPhone cam is amaaaaziiing!

Sergio Andrés Photografie

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Apple ••Think Different•• ad campaign 1997 poster > Francis Ford COPPOLA (1st italian-am. dir./prod./screenwriter i.e. Godfather/Apocalypse Now)  (via Creative Criminals) • wiki: http://www.wikiwand.com/en/Think_different

Francis Ford Coppola Is an Italian-American film director, producer and screenwriter. He is primarily known for directing the Godfather films and Apocalypse Now.

The Evolution of Apple #Infographic #Featured #Technology

The Evolution of Apple #Infographic

Apple Inc. is the most famous brand in the world, but how has the company achieved global status since its inception in

Apple Music tops 30 million paid subscribers

Apple Music tops 30 million paid subscribers

When I heard apple music bought beats, I was worried. But I've come to find that Apple understands me way better than beats ever could.