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Imagine standing up on your toes to give him a long, slow kiss goodbye.

pepaldi:  R.I.P Clara Oswald   (x)

*I walk up to the TARDIS and set a small glowing candle on the pavement* Goodbye my Impossible Girl. *I wipe the swelling up tears from my eyes with the back of my hand and I watch the new box in a sad gaze* <<<This is absolutely beautiful

fashion, style, and leather Bild

Add wear - creases and scuffs and worn spots - and patches. The back is embroidered with fairy wings and the Cutthroat Cuties name.

BBC Doctor Who Sticky Notes Notepads 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi

BBC Doctor Who Sticky Notes Notepads

BBC Doctor Who Sticky Notes Who doesn't need a sticky note to leave a quick reminder? Well, if you need a sticky note, do it in style with these terrific Doctor Who Sticky Notes! The Doctor

So that's the formula...

loves me some Tenth Doctor lol power puff girls in there too.