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..foto Dieneke

..foto Dieneke

La Scala Opera House, Milan, Italy. Stunning!

Photo about La Scala opera house in night. The most famous italian theatre - 17898392

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POÉSIE EN MUSIQUE - LE LINGE DE NOS MÈRES - AMÉLIE LES CRAYONS http://anagallis777.canalblog.com/archives/2014/11/04/30892191.html

I can't wait to have a clothes line! Crisp linens blowing in the breeze. Oh for the day!

1900: New York City.

History In Pictures on

Circa "Yard of tenement, New York City." Hung out to dry somewhere in Manhattan. Image by: Detroit Publishing Company glass negative.


17 Things Our Grandparents Did When “Green” Was Just A Color. This made me want to hang a clothesline. I can still remember the smell of my sheets my mom would hang dry outside, and it is such a great smell! Why don't I use a clothesline?

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And when the weather is nice, I would hang the laundry out to dry and get that wonderful outdoor smell.

Basic clothesline post, but this whole scene looks kind of idyllic. I'd take a seat there to read a book while waiting for sheets or clothes to dry.

Looks like my clothes line last week, all the white sheets!  They smelled so good!

I can still smell our laundry hanging in the sunshine, bleached white, with blueing added for extra whiteness. I hear the squeak of the clothesline reel, the fluttering of the clothes in the breeze. Laundry was an all-day event. Ironing was on Tuesday.