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La cantina. Una via di scampo

Una via di scampo , Bernhard Thomas, Adelphi

the odyssey by homer

The Odyssey, Homer (Penguin Hardcover Classics). One of my all time favorite reads.

Penguins Books is releasing a series next summer called Chalk Titles, classic books with the coolest chalkboard covers designed by Dana Tanamachi. via Design Editor

Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren - Penguin Chalk Title Series with book cover design by Dana Tanamachi, via Penguin Teen (July 2013 !

Namor the Submariner | Namor the Sub-Mariner

Namor the Sub-Mariner

Namor -s first Silver Age issue! Subby's life after the war, how the villain Destiny robbed him of his memory, how the other Human Torch (Johnny Storm of the FF) brought it back. History lesson courtesy of Roy Thomas; visual aids by John Buscema.

Retro-futurism - T.R. Hinchcliffe - Pelican, 1967    Quite an odd title this: "The intention of this book is to examine major recurrent themes in mans' many analogue predictions & prophecies of the future - from inspired fantasy to factually based notions, their cultural & scientific impact, the brilliance [or otherwise] of those ideas, and how they are now faring at the apparent dawning of our electronic future - T.R. Hinchcliffe, 1967."

vintage book cover penguin book cover // retro-future "Yami to Hikari" by Mikihiko Nagata, (japanese book illustrations photoset, nevi.

Wonder Woman #80 - Comic Book Cover

Born in comic book artist Brian Bolland was born to draw, illustrate and inspire. Perhaps best known for his work with Judge Dredd and Wonder Woman, Bolland make a long lasting splash on the .

Limoges Gospel Book Cover.  Binding: Limoges, France, 13th c., upper cover of a Gospel book, originally on wooden boards.

Tlimoges Gospel Book Cover Binding: Limoges, France, c., upper cover of a Gospel book, originally on wooden boards