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How to Tie a Tie  -- Clear illustrations and simple directions make learning how to tie a tie easy. Just take a look below, then start practicing in front of a mirror.

How to Tie the Most Popular Tie Knots

How to Tie a Tie - Tying a Tie Easy - Esquire >> useful to get up-close and personal with a guy.

"who knew there were so many different ways to tie a tie!! Love this one!♥"

9 Insane (but Fabulous) Knots for Your Man's Tie

Love tying a tie for a man.... New way.....someone put a suit on!

The Eldredge Tie Knot is Taking the Fashion World by Storm

Love tying a tie for a man. New way.someone put a suit on! You can also join our affiliate and/or rewards programs for FREE!

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Nós de gravata incomuns e como fazer um nó de gravata

Ediety knot or the Merovingian knot, Merovingian being the character in the Matrix trilogy that sports this particular knot.

Men taking measurements for tailoring - Google Search

How to take your measurements for ordering a made-to-measure men's suit - don't forget to add a couple of inches to the dimension you are going to conceal carry on


Brown the natural nuetral..

Hats from the costume company that worked on The King’s Speech. The movie really had some great hats. I especially love these brown top hats. So many awesome hats! All of the costumes in The King’s Speech were great in my opinion-not just the hats.

Pleated light grey w crimrose

double breasted glen plaid grey suit with a simple white shirt maroon and white stripe tie and maroon pocket square.