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Mamika: My Mighty Little Grandmother por Sacha Goldberger

Mamika: My Mighty Little Grandmother por Sacha Goldberger

A few years ago, photographer Sacha Goldberger discovered that his 91-year-old “mamika” (Hungarian for “grandmother”) named Frederika was feeling lonely and down. To put a smile back on her face, Goldberger suggested that they shoot a series of silly portraits featuring Frederika dressed up as a superhero. Frederika agreed, and Goldberger’s project Mamika was born.

Humorous Portraits of a Grandmother

Sacha Goldberger's grandmother is anything but frail, and he has pictures to prove it.

Goldberger, Sacha

Mamika is the alter-ego of Sasha Goldberger’s 91 year old grandmother. The story goes that Sasha realized his grandmother was lonely and dreamed up a collaborative photo project to lift her spirits.

Tea and Boobies

Is this why it's called cup size? (failed trends) Woman with Cups and Saucers - Coffee, tea and her.My tea cups bring all the boys to the yard

This is Mamika and Bob. Mamika is a grammika gramma and Bob is a chicken. They’re the subjects of this photoseries by Mamika’s own grandson, Photographer Sacha Goldberger.