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Fashion police! #GoT

Fashion police!

Funny pictures about Joffrey Is The Fashion King. Oh, and cool pics about Joffrey Is The Fashion King. Also, Joffrey Is The Fashion King photos.

So true. No manners at all. Nobody can end a conversation they start or even say bye they just disappear. ..

Will Ferrell to guest on The Office as Steve Carell leaves

Will Ferrell, text messaging someone and you get a reply 15 hours later. I don't understand why people do that! The thought of dieing with excitement after receiving the text lol

Bahaha!! -Miialar

The pains of having a crush on a bad boy. A bad boy who kills your dad. 33 Jokes Only "Game Of Thrones" Fans Will Understand

New Safety Posters!

I don't always talk on the phone But when i do, I pace back and forth like an idiot - The Most Interesting Man In The World - quickmeme

The most hated character of all characters on any show ever

A throne of lies…

Funny pictures about A throne of lies. Oh, and cool pics about A throne of lies. Also, A throne of lies.