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Io il mio Golia non lo vestirei mai così :|

A loro immagine e somiglianza

Hipster Puppies Book: Hipster Puppies Book: They spend their time sniffing around local farmer's markets, pawing through stacks of vinyl at the record stor

Too cute!

animalics: “ The dog’s been doing it for years, now the 6 month old has joined in… ” This is ridiculously adorable

Box Of Shame…

Box Of Shame…

Funny pictures about Box Of Shame. Oh, and cool pics about Box Of Shame. Also, Box Of Shame.

Okay, so I don't know if it's "worth" reading to everyone, but my younger brother thought this was a great first Father's Day gift for the hubby.

Q&A with Adam Mansbach of Go the F**k to Sleep Fame

Go The Fuck To Sleep is a children’s book for grown ups, a hilarious take on tired parents who just want their damn kids to go to sleep. Seriously kids, go the fuck to sleep already. This is every night in OUR household!

Amazing Facts You Won’t Believe Are True This is actually false. Some hippos can secrete a pink sun-block-like substance from the skin, but their milk is not pink.


Funny pictures about Hipster Dog can't find his bone. Oh, and cool pics about Hipster Dog can't find his bone. Also, Hipster Dog can't find his bone.

weimaraner - Google Search

weimaraner - Google Search

This is Gracie still to do this day, that is why in the summer she has a tub to play in so she will have clean drinking water, they get so hot!

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Just why, pups? WHY?

23 Weird Things Your Dog Does That Have Absolutely No Explanation

My Maggie Mae does this often. So sweet.

Your Dog Is Watching You

This so true. Even Alice uses her eyes to let me know what she wants. Cats will do this too. I always say who's training who when u catch one of them using their eyes.

Everything about sharing our lives with cats is wonderful, well, except maybe just one thing. The cat litter box - that one thing about cat parenthood that we all have to deal with, but wish we didn't!...

5 Ways to Keep Your House from Smelling Like a Litter Box

Why do cats open their mouths after smelling something? Have you ever noticed your cat sniffing something and then making a strange face, with his mouth slightly open, his nose wrinkled and his lip.

Hysterical, you can practically see their thoughts through the glaze in their eyes

Underwater Dogs is a best seller book by award-winning photographer Seth Casteel. The book contains over 80 unique and exhilarating photographs of dogs underwater in pursuit of a ball. The pictures give us another view of our old friends dete

mail kitty

If we got our mail through a slot I bet our cats would do the same thing.

I must have one! Sugar Skeleton Footed Pajamas | PLASTICLAND

Sugar Skeleton Footed Pajamas - can i have these for dia de Los muertos?