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The destroyer/transformer of Worlds- Hinduism ॐ India 卐. Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver of Worlds. Collectively the 3 Gods are known as Trimurti and are manifestations of the Supreme God in his 3 forms - Hinduism - India

Didn't happen only on the American side of the border - anyone ever heard about the Beothuks of Newfoundland? Extinct, now!

Let's never forget this travesty, this shameful page in our history book. Genocide American Indians, 100 Million Native American Indians the biggest genocide in human history didn't occur in Nazi, Germany, but on American Soil

Beltane Reunion - Pagan God and Goddess Art 5x7 Card

Beltane Reunion Pagan God and Goddess Art by EmilyBalivet, love this!

every chance I get!

Before it was "earthing", it was just walking barefoot outside. And it wasn't even a health thing, it was just a being human thing. It's also my favorite health practice and human being practice.