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Best photos of the London Olympics - The full moon rises through the Olympic Rings hanging beneath Tower Bridge during the London 2012 Olympic Games August (REUTERS/Luke MacGregor)

Oh no. This could be bad for the moon. It was slightly off coming into the rings, and you can see when we slow it down that the moon doesn't stick it center in the black ring. This could be a huge upset. We'll have to see what the judges think, but I think it's going to be about 3/10th of a point off, and we could see Jupiter's moon taking gold on this one. - Comment by user Mr. Kerouac

Moon between Olympic rings makes for breathtaking London photographs (GALLERY)

Photographer Luke MacGregor also snapped photos with the moon positioned between one of the rings and hovering above and below the famed London span

These are awesome

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Surfing wing style - Really, this is amazing!!!!

Why fly when you can surf? This is without doubt, the coolest duck in the history of our planet. Now I want a surfing pet duck!

MOTH TRAILS AT NIGHT   Photograph by Steve Irvine for National Geographic     In this beautiful long exposure photograph (i.e., the camera shutter is left open for a period of time) by Steve Irvine, we see a group of moths swarming around a floodlight at night. The 20-second exposure lets us revel in…

Moth Trails at Night: Fluttering wings leave lacy trails as moths beat their way to a floodlight on a rural Ontario lawn. The midsummer night’s exposure, held for 20 seconds, captured some of the hundreds of insects engaged in a nocturnal swarm.

Beautiful, playful, artistic interaction with our world! Photos: Laurent Laveder on YouTube

Epic photography idea - great for a setting sun or full moon. blood moons would also be awesome!

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What a photo!  Right now the decorative cherry trees outside the Duncraft offices are covered with feasting robins and cedar waxwings -- wish I could have gotten a pic like this!

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