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Concept design for a helmet used to experience Lego audio comic.

Brian Rea Fears UFOs

Fear Not These Murals: Brian Rea’s Art Is What Keeps Him Up at Night

VISIONS (mural) 14 meters wide x 5 meters high, Joan Miro Foundation / Barcelona, Spain / Brian Rea

#bobafett #Mandalorian cookies

"Star Wars" fans and those who grew up playing with LEGO toys will absolutely adore these Boba Fett LEGO sugar cookies. The hand-cut cookies are meticulously decorated in royal icing and marshmallow fondant for that personalized touch.

Website with all of the Lego directions. Now we can throw ours out and rebuild or just build something else!

Website with all of the Lego directions! Yay now I can throw away those annoying booklets! Played Legos with the kids tonight and it was fun to go through all the models and decide on one to build.


Fantastic monster reversal scene built in Lego by Canadian talent Chris McVeigh.


Test Logitech G502 Proteus Core sur