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No-Sew Sock Caterpillars | AllFreeKidsCrafts.com

No-Sew Sock Caterpillars

Use your lonely socks to make No-Sew Sock Caterpillars, and they'll never feel unloved again. These single socks make great activities for preschoolers as they transform an article of clothing into an adorable animal.

Ladybug Lids | AllFreeKidsCrafts.com

Ladybug Lids

Before you put a lid on your empty jar lids, take a moment to think if you'd like adorable ladybugs brightening up your house and your day. Ladybug Lids are budget-friendly, adorable crafts for preschoolers and beyond that bring spring.

38 Easy Crafts for Kids: Preschool Animal Crafts and Farm Animal Crafts for Kids | AllFreeKidsCrafts.com

100+ Easy Crafts for Kids: Preschool Animal Crafts and Farm Animal Crafts for Kids

Amongst this list of Easy Crafts for Kids: Preschool Animal Crafts and Farm Animal Crafts for Kids, you'll find kids' craft ideas to satisfy your little one's wildest crafting desires.

Owl Craft Using Recycled Jar Lids from Amanda Formaro of Crafts by Amanda

Hoo-Hoo is ready for one of the most adorable owl crafts for kids? Jar Lid Owls look difficult because they& so precious, but with the help of sponge applicators, kids can make these animal crafts easily.

Simple Craft Ideas for Kids

Simple Craft Ideas for Kids

Minute Magnets | AllFreeKidsCrafts.com

Minute Magnets

Organize your fridge in no time when you make Minute Magnets. These crafts for children are wonderfully simple and quick, and they are yet another way to make sure that everyone can see your artistic abilities.

Plastic Bottle Cap Bird | FaveCrafts.com

Plastic Bottle Cap Bird

Go green and make plastic bottle cap crafts that adults and kids will love to look at. A Plastic Bottle Cap Bird is a fun and whimsical decorative piece you can display anywhere. Use feathers and fabric scraps to bring your little guy to life.

Tropical Reef Fish | AllFreeKidsCrafts.com

Tropical Reef Fish

Dive into the thriftiest fish crafts around with Tropical Reef Fish. Paper plate crafts are very budget-friendly, so these animal crafts for kids are great!

Clay Pot Critters

Clay Pot Critters

These Clay Pot Critters are perfect for livening up your garden! You can make a bee, butterfly, frog, ladybug, or all four! These terra cotta pots also make great housewarming gifts when combined with a plant. Love the frog.

Butterfly Pencil Toppers | aestheticoutburst.blogspot.com

Butterfly Pencil Toppers

Butterfly Pencil Toppers are great for back to school crafts and fun diy school supplies. Kids can also decorate these fun pencil toppers as homemade Valentine's Day crafts for kids and give them to all of the other children in their classes.

I love how this child-centered project is both process-oriented AND it has a lovely product. Win-win.

Could use any cookie cutter! Glue made from corn starch and water that is heated, dip colored yarn in mixture, place yarn into flower shaped cookie cutter and let dry to make original flowers add pipe cleaner stem

Kid's Yarn Octopus. Made one as a child w/ my mom...can't wait to make some w/ my kids!!

Kid's Yarn Octopus

In need of kid's craft ideas? This yarn octopus is a great way to get the entire family involved in crafting. Make a cute octopus out of yarn and ribbons with this fun and easy project. I remember making these as a child.

Bargain Bubble Snake Maker cut bottom of water bottle put wash cloth on it with rubberband. then dip in a bowl of water with dishsoap in it.

Bargain Bubble Snake Maker

As a cheap and easy summer craft for kids make a Bargain Bubble Snake Maker. This free, fast craft will keep the kids busy for days.

Eye Spy Egg Carton Glasses | AllFreeKidsCrafts.com

Eye Spy Egg Carton Glasses

What do you spy with your eyes? You'll find some very sneaky, mysterious objects as you peer through your Eye Spy Egg Carton Glasses. They make for an extra special, top secret I spy game. This egg carton craft is really fun to make.